Luke: When do you think you can get to Oakdale for a consultation?
Reid: Um, let me see….How about….um, never?

— Luke and Reid

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Poll Results: Best Episode to Show a LuRe Newbie

This has really been an interesting poll!  For most of the last week, five episodes were running neck-and-neck: HWTWE, Near Kisses, the I Can’t Kiss, the Babbling Kiss, and Playing Doctor. But somehow, over this past weekend, a surge of votes came in and as of Monday, 16th August, solidly in command of the lead […]

Poll Results: Sandwiches It Is!

As of Wednesday July 29th, Sandwiches are well in the lead over second place Brains (by a 2-to-1 margin that has remained pretty steady now for awhile). Though there was a last-minute write-in for Teddy Bears which has its appeal (thanks Susan!). In the meantime, I’m off to look for sandwich icons… -LL What symbol […]